Potholes are always an issue in our province due to the extreme thaw and freeze cycle that we experience. However  this year, things seem to be a little worse than other years and the stats back that up.

MPI stats.MPI stats.

As you can see, claims in the province overall have spiked significantly since March.

If we take a closer look and narrow down our data for claims from our part of the province, the Central Plains, we can see how things are going in our own backyard.

MPI stats.MPI stats.

A pretty drastic jump in March from the statistical average is seen, but in April, we look at a return to normal, although that number is not finalized. 

In order to safely navigate the roads, MPI does have some advice for drivers to follow during pothole season: 

  • Scan 10 to 12 seconds down the road in front of you, looking for potholes. If you are approaching one, don’t swerve suddenly as you may hit another vehicle. 
  • Slow down as much as possible before the pothole. 
  • Most potholes develop in the curb lane where water can accumulate. This can hide potholes, so be sure to approach all puddles with the same caution as you would a pothole. 

Jocelyn Lequier-Jobin, director of operations for the City of Portage la Prairie, noted last month that there is no timeline for all potholes in our community but that crews are working on filling them all in a timely manner.