Weekly Provincial Summary

- Provincial seeding progress sits at 91% completion, up 4% from last week, and behind the 5-year average for Week 24, when seeding is fully complete in Manitoba.

- Extreme heat stressed crops over the weekend, delaying in-crop spraying or causing recently sprayed crops to ‘flash’ yellow. Strong winds have limited good spray days, together with wet soils preventing field accessibility. Weed control on sprayed fields appears good, but many canola and soybean crops appear quite dirty.

- Spotty emergence is evident in many crops wherever water pooled for a short time and crop stands are thinner in those areas or have drowned out. Emergence improves on better drained land, depending on which side of a section the field was, and parts of the southern Red River Valley and west along PTH 3.

- Flea beetle feed pressure has caused severe damage in many canola crops, necessitating multiple foliar insecticide applications, or forced a reseed. Growers are extremely frustrated with poor flea beetle control, especially given the rapid emergence of canola this year.

- As farmers pushed to seed outstanding acres, wet ground conditions led to slow progress, and many seeding and spraying machines getting stuck.