It took three years but the fourth rendition of the Manitoba Country Voice has finally wrapped up.

Organizers Charlie Brennan, Mavis Brennan, and Colleen Flynn were all very happy with this year's edition this past Saturday.

Charlie thanked the contestants, judges, volunteers and more, for helping rock the William Glesby Centre.

"We had lots of really good entertainment. All the contestants were very good. Our band played in between two or three different contestants, and there was a packed house," says Brennan. "The crowd was very receptive. I think everybody had a really, really good time."

The amateur contest ran in 2017, 2018, and 2019, before the pandemic shut it down. Charlie is so happy the event finally returned.

The trio of organizers started the event to give Manitoba talent the chance to perform and Charlie says this year's lineup was incredible.

"Monika Machado came in 3rd place, but she got the People's Choice Award. She just blew me away. I couldn't believe the voice. She had a beautiful voice," says Brennan. "Rile Steeden was another great one. She came in second. Raya Goertzen came in first place and she was phenomenal, too."

Charlie says they cannot wait to bring this event back next year.