Summer has arrived, and those pesky mosquitoes are ready to suck the blood out of your plans.

Curtis Sims with Emeline Farms says he's noticing the mosquitoes on his property starting to pick up after a cold start to the year.

"The last few days, they have started to come on stronger, though. Even when you're out on the black dirt, they seem to find you."

Sims shares that he isn't seeing the massive swarms just yet, but they're definitely building.

"I guess I am concerned that this could turn into a real humming type summer at this rate, and in another month, when another generation comes around, that could be quite upsetting."

While not being an anthropologist, Sims notes he knows that their numbers usually build in generations.

"So probably from now, it'll get worse. It's bad enough to be a real nuisance right now. We're spoiled from last year, of course, when there were hardly any, but then we had a severe drought. So, I'd rather take some mosquitoes, I suppose, than that kind of drought. So, now we're on the other extreme."

Sims says that we will have to learn to live with an abundance of mosquitoes this summer, adding they will be a real problem for cattle farmers and those who have horses.