A sunflower field on the outskirts of MacGregor is raising awareness and funds for the Canadian Foodgrains Bank.

Dean Toews of Toews Farms Enterprises and chairman with Feed Other Countries Undo Starvation (FOCUS) talks about how one of his fields is letting Manitobans come by, enjoy the beauty of sunflowers, and hopefully, donate toward aiding world hunger.

Toews says that the sunflower field is currently at 50 per cent bloom.

"So, what we're doing this year is inviting people to come onto the field and walk through the field. We have some trails made through the crop, and people can take pictures, and they're even allowed to take a sunflower head or two home with them if they want and donate to Canadian Foodgrains Bank."

Toews says he knows the need for food right now around the globe is dire.

"There is such a great need, and Canadian Foodgrains Bank is such an efficient provider of that aid for those that are dealing with hunger. It's very rewarding and satisfying knowing that that they are using the dollars raised here to the max-efficiency."

The chairman of FOCUS believes that next weekend is when the sunflowers will be at full boom.

Toews says getting the experience of going to Ethiopia and seeing how the funds were used back in 2014 really opened his eyes.

"That was that was very life-changing time to be there."

Toews adds the sunflowers will be in their most photogenic stage within the next two to three weeks.

"There is no fee to come. You don't have to donate it. That's not the main initiative. It's also an agricultural experience of people coming out to the field and just being with sunflowers, which seems to make a lot of people happy."