Students and staff in a rural Manitoba town went for a walk to raise funds for the Central Plains Cancer Services 24-Hour Relay

Shelley Zander is a Grade 5/6 teacher at MacGregor Elementary who says they had 300 students and staff from Kindergarten to Grade 8 walking on February 8th. They've done the math and they raised $1,230.

"We currently have somebody in our school that is dealing with cancer, a student, and we've had students in the past and we've had staff," says Zander. "Obviously, cancer affects a lot of people in a lot of different ways, and so, we thought we would support those people by doing this walk and then raising money."

She is so proud of the community for stepping up and helping them out. She says the plan to put this walk together was fast and there wasn't a lot of time to prepare. Regardless, everyone did a wonderful job.

"Our community was really great at supporting, both by coming and walking with us, and sending in donations," says Zander. "We raised some awareness, as well. We had people who really weren't sure what Central Plains Cancer Services were available."

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