MacGregor Elementary raises whopping $9.3K in Jump Rope For Heart

MacGregor Elementary School students raised more money in a fundraiser than ever before, likely due to COVID restrictions having been lifted to energize everyone to do their ultimate best.

Principal Bryan Marriott explains everyone is absolutely thrilled with the results.

"Our school has been involved with Jump Rope For Heart for numerous, numerous years," says Marriott. "We're extremely excited to be able to raise just shy of $10,000 for the Heart and Stroke Foundation. The total amount raised was $9,339. That's just an incredible amount of funds raised for a great cause, and our kids and teachers stepped up."

He notes it was just awesome to be able to provide that support to the Heart and Stroke Foundation, adding it was even more special just to get everybody together in the gym.

"As you're aware, with the pandemic, we've been unable to do that for a couple of years now," continues Marriott. "That was one of the most special parts -- just getting all the kids together, mixing cohorts, and being able to do this without restrictions, and things like that."

Marriott explains all the kids from K to 8 received pledge forms and either asked parents, community members, or their families, to donate, while some donate, themselves. 

He outlines what happens when the pledge forms come in.

"We have what they call a Jump Rope For Heart Day," adds Marriott. "Kids come to the gym in their grade groups and they have a bunch of fun jumping activities, and games to get their heart rates up. Then we have our grade seven and eight students all volunteer to help. They help at the stations, the events, the face painting, and all the fun things that go on throughout the whole day."

Marriott says the day was held on May 4th.  

"To my knowledge, this is the most that we've raised from the Jump Rope For Heart in my time here as principal," notes Marriott. "I can't speak on years before, but definitely in my time here in the last 10 years. Kids were so excited. It's just exciting to be able to jump with their cousins, brothers and sisters when prior to that, there were quite a few restrictions in the school. To get kids to be able to mix and mingle like that was a real special day. At the end of it, we brought the entire school community, teacher, staff, support staff, and custodians -- you name it -- all into the school and we had a kind of a wrap-up assembly with everybody in there. It was close to 300 people in the gym."

He adds Kevin Terrick,  Carter Willis and Krystal Nichols were the three main staff members who were instrumental in getting the day going in organizing fundraising, prizes and pledge forms.