PortageOnline hit the streets to see what citizens were up to for the long weekend in the Central Plains.

Darlene Foucault, an Albertan with a cottage at Delta Beach, shares her family's plans while in the city for the weekend.

"We love coming out to Portage and going to the Portage Island and the Splash Park."

Darlene notes that her family was slightly disappointed that the berry picking season is pretty well over, adding that they did get a chance to pick raspberries at Mayfair Farms but wish the season was just a little longer.

Marcia Henry from Headingley caught up with us tell us that she is going to a place that feels like home.

"I am going up to Steep Rock, Manitoba, where I have a campsite. I was born and raised up there. So, it's like going home." 

Wendy Edinger from Portage shares that she is going up to Millers Campground for the fourth August Long in a row.

"They've got a lot of fun things going on out there. Putting on different things for the kids, should be a lot of fun over there."

Karen from St Ambroise talks about what she is most looking forward to this weekend.

"There's a band in St. Ambrose at the provincial park and the Tiki Bar there, so that's where we'll be going."

No matter what you are up to, PortageOnline wishes you a happy and safe August Long Weekend.