Some 4-H Club members in the Portage area are heading to Winnipeg this weekend for a Communications Extravaganza.

4-H Manitoba volunteer and communications program chair Julie Labossiere says it's the provincial version of what club members have been competing in at their various local locations since the first of the year.

"This coming Saturday, on April 30th, we are holding our 2022 Provincial Communications Extravaganza at the Canad Inns Destination Centre Polo Park, and it's our annual speech and visual presentation competition," says Labossiere. "Within the program in Manitoba, we have actually three different, big categories. We have the speeches, and then we have one-person visuals and two-person visuals. Speech is where our members are giving a speech and entertaining us about a topic. Then our visual presentations are where they will utilize some type of visual aid of some kind to either entertain or teach us something -- that kind of thing. They could do it either singly or with another partner."

Visual presentationVisual presentation

She says there will be 59 participants this year, whereas they usually see 125. 

"It's a little bit lower than usual. Because of COVID, we are not holding the two-person visual," continues Labossiere. "This year we've put that one to the side. We look forward to, hopefully, bring it back next year."

She notes this is the last level of competition in which the members take part. 

"Members would participate at their local club first," notes Labossiere. "All members within, for example, the club near Portage would have competed and members have gone on to their next level of competition. The competition represents actually 10 different areas in the province."

Those taking part in Portage include:

  • Joelle Philippot
  • Logan Rey
  • Abbey Snowden
  • Austin Clark
  • Madison Teichroeb 

Labossiere adds you can come and support their efforts at Canad Inns Polo Park and it's starting at 10:00 a.m. Saturday morning, with the second set of competitions starting at 1:30.

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