Portagers may see the temperature jump to almost 10 degrees later this week.

While these aren’t the double-digit temperatures most would’ve expected to see in late November, we could possibly see a high of eight degrees on Friday, November 24th. This would come after a few days of the temperature hovering just above zero.

Warning Preparedness Meteorologist with Environment and Climate Change Canada Natalie Hasell says the warm spell is due to several factors.

“We're going to be under the influence of a ridge centred somewhere in the southwestern states, and that will allow warm air to stream into our region,” says Hasell. “Additionally, there will be a low-pressure system up north. With it being that far north it’s also allowing warm air to stream into southern Manitoba.”

She adds, while the temperature going back above freezing this late in the month is a bit bizarre, it’s not the first time, as we had +18-degree weather earlier in November. Hasell mentions she doesn’t expect the temperature to actually rise up to the nine degrees that were forecast for Friday.

“It seems a little too optimistic or too enthusiastic to me,” says Hasell. “But, continuing with above-normal temperatures does look reasonable and we have that starting tomorrow. It’s a wait-and-see situation.”

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