Birds returning to Manitoba as the weather continues to rise will have a large area of Portage Creek preserved for them.

Director of conservation in Manitoba for the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) Cary Hamel says a whopping 31 acres have been marked for conservation in an agreement between the NCC and Cal Cuthbert, who currently owns the land. He notes this will ensure that the land stays in its natural state for generations to come.

"This is an amazing province and it's so diverse," explains Hamel. "It's the people, the economy, but also the nature. There are little gems of habitats all over the place, and we're honored when private landowners approach us and want to donate."

He adds, that while the dollar amount of the land is not known at this time, over 220 different species rely on that portion of the creek. The Cuthbert family had been taking care of the land since 1884.

"It's really heartwarming to know that that you know this part of Manitoba will stay the way that it was," says Hamel. "It's nice for people to drive around and see the countryside."

He notes he would like to extend his thanks to anyone that's donated a portion of land toward the conservation effort in Manitoba.

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