Kids at La Verendrye school were cheering today, partly due to spring break starting, but also to support their classmates.

Performers from Grades 5 to 8 showcased their talents, while the rest of the school was invited to check it out. Grade 6 teacher Jennifer Ethans says the school strives to put on events like this regularly.

"We have a peer leader group at our school which is organizing a bunch of events, and it's spring break coming up next week," notes Ethans. "We thought we'd go out with a bang, and so they organized a talent show."

She adds that students took to the stage to perform comedy routines, dance, sing, and more. The teachers got involved at the end for a surprise performance as well. Students signed up either as individual acts, duos, or trios.

"Spring break is very needed at this time of the year," explains Ethans. "We just want to build that school community before we're away from each other for a little while and then come back together, and hopefully, everyone's positive and happy to be back."

La Verendrye students will return to the classroom on April 3rd.