The Province of Manitoba gave the sports community in La Salle some news worthy of celebration last Sunday.

The provincial government announced on September 10 that they would contribute $2.5 million to add a new arena onto the Caisse Community Centre through an Arts, Culture and Sport in Community Large Capital Grant.

Brian Cornelsen, President of the Caisse Community Centre, says there is yet to be a timeline on when the development will take place or be finished.

File Photo.Brian Cornelsen, President of the Caisse Community Center.

"It's still early in the stages of development here," he continues. "We've been working on building a new arena in La Salle for over 25 years through various committees and groups in the past. This is the biggest success story we've had that on that front since we started."

Cornelsen explains that the Community Centre will continue to work with the province to get the lowdown of the grant.

"We'll be announcing details as they as they become available."

La Salle has 50 per cent of all the hockey and ringette registrations in the entire RM McDonald, according to Cornelsen.

"This will be a huge benefit to parents and families and result in a lot less travelling and a lot more people staying in the community for ice sports."

The President of the Caisse Community Centre notes that the facility was built in 2014 and was designed to have this addition, an improvement he thinks will significantly benefit the community.

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