If you're in the Notre Dame de Lourdes region, you might want to check out one of the area's most fantastic attractions. The King Korn Maze is a family-operated small business and recently expanded when they welcomed the public to the grand opening of their new barn earlier this month. The occasion was also used to raise some money for a local cause.

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Co-owner Janik Grenier of King Korn Maze explains that this new barn is simply an extension of the facility.

"It is home to our golf range and our haunted house come fall. There are new modern washrooms as well as an eating area for the maze," she continues. "So, we kind of linked in three activities which we provide throughout the year, depending on the season."

Grenier says the business always hopes to go until October 31, but some years are different.

"It always depends on Mother Nature and when the white stuff comes down."

King Korn Maze has four mazes that Grenier says can bring fun for the entire family.

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"Every year, we try to make a new activity in which we can attract more people to come to our facility."

One of the biggest attractions for the business is its haunted house, which opens the last week of September and runs until the end of October.

"We were quite impressed with our success over the last six years. We can't thank everyone enough."

Donations were made from the grand opening to the Notre Dame Fire Department, and  Grenier reports that they ended up raising $1,400.

"The fire department hits close to home for us. They have helped us out the past two years, so we are happy some of our grand openings could be about them."

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Grenier notes that the business would not be in its current state without the help of the other co-owners, her siblings, and their parents.

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