An Indigenous Art Contest is currently underway in Portage la Prairie to promote the Indigenous and their culture. Portage Community Revitalization Corporation Youth Intern Avery Ricard says the art must be Indigenous-related, and they're really interested in seeing what you can come up with.

"We're hoping that we get lots of submissions so we can put them up for display and post them on our websites," says Ricard. "I think it's a really good opportunity for people to really research because they might not know what things look like. So, they'll research them, and then they'll put them on paper, or they'll actually make the things in real life. I feel like it's a really good learning experience for everyone involved."

artOne submission by an early teen

Ricard says it's wide open for anybody to submit some art sometime this month.  

"We're hoping to display them in our main office or we also work with Prairie Fusion Arts & Entertainment," notes Ricard. "Maybe they will display them because we did have an art night the other night, and then we put them up in the main hall of their gallery."

She adds she hopes many people submit their work noting it would be really nice to see the various forms of art that people in our city can create.

"They can bring you here, (PCRC location); they can e-mail pictures, so it's both in-person and online."

Please email: for online submissions.