Canada's pulse industry is coming up against another deadline.

The current three-month extension to India's fumigation exemption expires at the end of September.

Gordon Bacon, CEO of Pulse Canada, explained some of the options that are on the table.

"We don't have a clear understanding, which leaves us possibly subject to a five times penalty fee, which really changes the economics of buying pulses from farmers and shipping them to India. It could be that India may require us to fumigate with a product that will be very difficult to fumigate containers with...It could be that we will have an extension of the policy."

Bacon notes that most other countries have plan in place up until the end of the year.

He says the way India is giving Canada these short extensions is really creating a lot of headaches.

"That uncertainty leaves Canada and Canadian farmers in a bit of a rough spot because our biggest market, we don't have policy certainty."

Bacon says that Canada has been dealing with this issue since 2004.

He's hoping a deal can be reached before the end of the month.