It can be tough on the wallet when getting gas these days. So when some of that total is going to great local causes it can ease things just a little when you know you are also helping out.

Today, when you get gas at any of the Homestead Co-op Gas Bars, 10 ¢ per litre of fuel will be shared between Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Plains, the Carman Community Pathway, and the PCRC which is facilitating the fundraising for a Wheelchair Accessible Swing in Portage. 

Kim Wikdahl has been the driving force behind the accessible swing and says the fundraising has been going well but adds there is still a long way to go.

"People have been stepping up and donating and I've done a couple of things, we're just going to keep on plugging away to try and get there. Donations will help make this dream a reality but it's a lot of money that needs to be raised. The cost of some of these things is huge, but it'll be so nice to have this in Portage La Prairie when it's all said and done"

Wikdahl's inspiration to get behind such a big project came from looking out her window.  

"There is a little girl that I see that would get put on the bus every day in the morning and taken off after school. I started thinking, we don't have a swing for anybody that is in a wheelchair in town so that's kind of what kicked it off. And now, here we are, the fundraising continues and fuel good day will be a  nice shot for the cause.

Dawn Froese of Big Brothers Big Sisters Central Plains is also hopeful people will fill'er up.

"We would really appreciate it cause it's for three great causes. For us, we use it to provide our programs. We do one one-on-one mentoring with children and we do some small group programming. All the funds that come to us will go towards these programs which can make a huge impact in a child's life."

The Carman Community Pathway Organization is a volunteer committee that works closely with the Town of Carman and the RM of Dufferin to provide a community trail for recreation with minimal impact on nearby ecosystems for generations. The pathway committee is committed to being all-inclusive and hopes to use the proceeds from the event for enough benches/seats to go along the pathway to accommodate all users and their abilities. 

Last year, Homestead Co-op donated $10,200 to three local schools thanks to the support from the region. All 6 gas bars are participating including both in Portage, MacGregor, Austin, Oakville, and Carman. All grades of gasoline and diesel fuel are eligible.