Plenty of people headed over to the MNP Exhibition Building this afternoon for the Portage District General Hospital Foundation's Annual Shirley McCulloch Foundation Friday BBQ.

PDGHF Executive Director Tara Pettinger says they have been holding the barbeque for a great many years and have always received a lot of support from the community.

"It's unreal," says Pettinger of the community's support, "we've got a number of projects always on the go between the hospital, Douglas Campbell Lodge and Regency. So it's just huge."

Pettinger says last year's barbeque raised around $8,000, adding they are hoping to have raised a similar amount through this year's barbeque.

"We're always striving to raise as much money as we can, but every dollar that we can raise and put toward those facilities is just huge. It has a huge impact on the entire community," says Pettinger.

She notes the barbeque would not be possible without the help of all the volunteers.

"We have a whole ton of volunteers that jump in; from hospital staff that have been working yesterday and today to put this on, and now a huge amount of community volunteers today and businesses supporting through prizes. We're so lucky and so fortunate to be able to have such a successful event each year," says Pettinger.