Portage la Prairie is turning into a winter wonderland more and more every day, thanks to the help of the Holiday Avenue Project. The group has been decorating downtown Portage to get people into the Christmas spirit. 

Karen Faurschou, co-chair of Holiday Avenue Project, says they have been looking forward to this for a long time -- but it's only the start!

"It's huge. It's the kickoff to the holiday season, so, we're doing the Avenue," says Faurschou. "We're hoping that it grows, and that the businesses start decorating and that individual residents in Portage start decorating their yard. We're just the beginning."

An example of one of the decorative pots.

You may notice the large pots in the middle of Saskatchewan Avenue containing cedar, juniper, blue spruce, green spruce, red willow plants, and Christmas ornaments. The group has also been decorating near Dalton Grove Estates, Oak Tree Towers, Lions Prairie Manor, and Douglas Campbell Lodge.  

Soon, there will be wreaths on all of the downtown lamps. Faurschou hopes it will make you smile.

"Well, I know a lot of people have been avoiding driving on Saskatchewan Avenue, just because of the construction, but I would say, please make a special effort to come down here," says Faurschou. "Hopefully it's going to put you in a festive mood."

This is one of the decorations in front of Lions Prairie Manor.This is one of the decorations in front of Lions Prairie Manor.