Update: Both directions of the Trans-Canada Highway have reopened from Falcon Lake to the Ontario border as of 8:35 p.m. However, conditions remain poor, with snow-covered sections and poor visibility.

The first real snowstorm of the season for eastern Manitoba is so far living up to its promise and highways in eastern Manitoba are closing as conditions worsen.

Manitoba Infrastructure says that as of 5:55 p.m. both directions of the Trans-Canada Highway are closed from Falcon Lake to the Ontario border. Highway 12, from Steinbach to the US border is also closed.

Snow and strong winds have been pushing eastward through North Dakota and into southern Manitoba and northwestern Ontario. Snowfall warnings remain in effect for several regions with anywhere from 10 to upwards of 25 centimetres of snow expected to fall this evening and into tomorrow.

While other highways remain open in southeastern Manitoba several are experiencing poor driving conditions. Several motorists are reporting whiteout conditions. One caller said that Highway 3, 23, and 244 in south-central Manitoba all had terrible conditions and urged others to stay off the roads this evening.

Highway cameras from Manitoba Infrastructure on our road reports and cancellations page show several areas with snow-covered sections of highway.

A downward angle shot of a highway at nighttime covered in snow.Highway 1 at Hadashville has snow-covered lanes as of 5:56 p.m. (Manitoba Infrastructure)

Just south of the border, I-29's southbound lanes were closed early in the day from Grand Forks to Fargo as freezing rain resulted in treacherous conditions.

That highway has since reopened, however, travel is not advised on it and dozens of other highways in eastern North Dakota and western Minnesota.

A snow covered highway at night - picture is from a highway cameraHighway 75 at the USA border has snow-covered sections and reduced visibility. North Dakota Highway Patrol says that travel is not advised on I-29 on the other side of the border. (Manitoba Infrastructure)