The Herman Prior Activity Centre held its annual open house on Thursday to the community's delight.

This was the centre's first open house since COVID-19 put up a roadblock to the whole world. Kathy Bryce, the executive director, says that this event is for the public to come in and see what kind of activities and programs they hold.

Bryce explains that the open house event is significant to the centre.

"It's the members of the Community that keep the Herman Prior Centre open," says Bryce. "Right now we are pushing 520 members, which we're extremely proud of. That number went from 189 five years ago to close to 520 now. So yeah, Chris DuMont, when she was here, really got the ball rolling, and I'm helping to keep things rolling here."

The executive director adds that sharing this kind of gathering is lovely.

"There are so many people here that we haven't seen in two years at all, they're all coming back, and they're all excited to be back normally over the summer. Programming and attendance at the centre usually slows down because everybody is off doing their family things. This year, it's even more, so everyone is getting out and about, doing things with their family, but they're coming here, and we've had a very busy summer here, and it's wonderful to see everybody."

View the Herman Prior Activity Centre's site here.