We've been hit with a very severe heat wave this past weekend. Many Portagers avoided the outdoors unless they could get into some water. So, what does the rest of this week hold?

Environment and Climate Change Canada meteorologist Terry Lang explains the heat event is finally breaking down.

"The heat warnings have now ended," says Lang. "We're still in the warm category -- quite warm -- and humidex values are still quite high, but it doesn't quite reach the heat warning criteria. So, it looks like another solid day of some good heat and humidity. With the heat finally breaking down, that's often when we get these showers and thundershowers happening."

She explains the overnight forecast looks like the best chance for showers and thundershowers and that potential will continue into the morning. 

"They'll be on and off throughout the day on Tuesday, and we will see a sort of cooling-off of the temperatures, and of course, a reduction in humidex values as well," notes Lang. "That's a good thing. Rainfall amounts are going to vary heavily because we're in the showers and thundershowers. They could miss you altogether or you could get really heavy amounts in some of these thundershowers. It looks like a very active pattern and then we have a ridge of high pressure setting up."

Lang says this ridge will make temperatures more seasonal.

"It looks like the values will be somewhat drier in terms of humidity and lesser chance of showers and thundershowers," continues Lang. "There's nothing normal about these temperatures. Across the prairies, the 30-year average temperature is 26 for a high, and 13 for an overnight low. But we know that those values can vary quite a bit from the high 30s into the low teens. so, there's a big variation in what the average means."

She says we are in the summer and we can expect heat events to come in simply due to the fact that that's when they do come in. 

"Looking at the longer range forecast, we do see some more heat coming in," notes Lang. "It doesn't look as intense as this last bout. But it's summertime, and everybody should be prepared for these heat events."

Lang adds we're in a very active pattern when it comes to severe weather. She says you should pay a little bit closer attention over the next day to see how active the current pattern is. and warnings, and have a plan if you have to change your regular plans if severe weather does hit.

Sunday's humidex had reached a level of 44.