The grass is likely greener than your own yard at Rotary Republic Park in Portage la Prairie. Dave Oshust is with the park grounds maintenance crew and gives us an update.

"The fields came through the winter in excellent shape," explains Oshust. "There's very little snow mold. Last year's fertilizer is kicking up and through. The grass is very green and coming through nicely. We're ready to go now. With soccer having started up Monday night, and Portage Youth was out here, we had a men's game on one of the fields."

He says baseball will be starting up this weekend with a tournament, and everything's in great shape. Oshust notes snow conditions determine how much snow-mold damages grass, with factors including snow depth and how long a period of time snow sits and acts like incubation for the mold. He adds this winter's been great for spring conditions, not giving them problems that occur in other years. Oshust says it's all up to mother nature every year.

Oshust says it's the best park in the province, and notes some have insisted it was best in western Canada.