No Stone Left Alone was an event that took place Tuesday at Hillside Cemetery involving Grade 9 students from Portage Collegiate Institute. 

Funeral Director Amy Chappellaz says it's in honour of the fallen soldiers of Canada and youth come and stand right at the grave of a fallen soldier.

"We feel it just gives them, maybe, a little bit different perspective on Remembrance Day," notes Chappellaz. "They listen to some words from our dignitaries who are here today and then they place their poppy right on the grave of a soldier."

chappellaz duboisJeff Dubois and Amy Chappellaz

She explains it's a tangible act that they did rather than just sitting in a school gym and listening to speeches. They're actually playing a part in Remembrance Day. 

"We appreciate the kids coming out and paying their respects to these fallen soldiers," says Chappellaz.

Students Zoey Chodachek and Casey Moffit were there.

Chodachek and MoffitCasey Moffit and Zoey Chodachek

"There was a bunch of important people like came up to speak," says Chodachek. "Some of us had to say some poems and then we just placed poppies and shared our condolences for them. My great-grandpa was in (the war). It's important."

Moffit says that seeing the names on the stones made it more real, adding her great-grandfather also died in the war.

"We kind of just sit there and listened to what they were saying about it, and laid poppies on their graves to remember them," notes Moffit. 

Mayor Sharilyn Knox spoke among others. 



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