There's still glitter on the floor after the party, but the new year is upon us, and the William Glesby Centre is ready to rock and roll into 2023.

Executive Director for the theatre, Stefanie Dunn, says that as she looks back at 2022, it will be remembered as another year heavily influenced by the pandemic.

"As much as we have many successes to celebrate as we close on the year, I do always take that into account because it did affect us, and it affected our bottom line, and we were still in a rebuilding year."

She says that although a lot was going on in the world, the one thing the Glesby Centre will take away from last year, was community support.

"We're so glad that people are still coming out. They're still choosing us and trust us to bring quality programming to Portage la Prairie," continues Dunn. "I think that we really, really saw how much value people placed on the arts and just how much they need that creative outlet during trying times."

2022 saw multiple great acts come through Portage la Prairie, including, Jess Moskaluke and Tyer Joe Miller during the Mapdot Tour on November 15th.

Dunn shares that the goal for 2023 is to continue to work with the community to bring them what they want.

"We want to bring programming and performances and exhibitions that the community wants," says the William Glesby Centre Executive Director. "Keep on providing us with your feedback, send us your suggestions, volunteer with us, and continue to get involved with us, so we have that community voice behind us."

Dunn adds that being able to bring shows to the region, which no one else can based on their stage, quality of equipment and seating size is something they will look to take advantage of more.

"We just really, really look forward to starting off the year strong and continuing to meet our community's needs."

2023 will be the 25th anniversary of the William Glesby Centre.