The Gladstone Legion gave cash to make a splash earlier this month.

On June 4th, the Legion presented a cheque for $50,000 to a fund for a new local swimming pool. Beavington talks about where the money came from for this donation.

"All this (money) has been saved over the last while. We didn't have it specifically assigned to this event till just recently, when we had to go to the membership and get authorization to be able to pursue this, but we had it sitting in the back of the bank account. So, we thought it would be a great opportunity to contribute it towards something in the community."

Beavington outlines the new pool will start being built this fall. As for the old pool? The president explains that the community has upgraded it slightly over the years, but wear and tear has made the concept of a new pool a necessity.

Beavington notes that new memberships at the Legion have been on the upswing, which was a significant contributor to the $50,000 donation, adding it's nice to spend the money positively.