The carbon tax increase that's kicking in this weekend will not be the only reason to expect gas prices to increase as well.

Head of petroleum analysis at, Patrick De Haan, says there are several factors that point to us paying more at the pump.

"Unsurprisingly, we're going to see gas prices bump up and with the price of oil having jumped $8 a barrel in the last couple of weeks, that may be more than 5 or 10 cents per litre," says De Haan. "So, yet another increase to the carbon tax, likely to be a major impact on consumers as they fill their tanks up."

De Haan says we saw some relief recently, but the next two months will be a different story. In fact, he says an increase is inevitable -- it's just a matter of how gradual the increase will be.

"Barring the last four weeks, which has seen prices slowly giving up some ground, much of that was tied to the overall banking crisis in the US and abroad," says De Haan. "With those fears starting to decrease, I think we are going to start seeing gas prices start inching back up between now and Victoria Day, a trajectory that certainly could speed up or slow down but, by and large, I would guess that by Victoria Day, we could be paying 15 to 35 cents per litre more than we are today."