Anyone who went to the Fort la Reine Museum had a skele-fun time over the weekend during Fright at the Museum.  

Emma Ens-MacIver, Director & Curator of the Fort La Reine Museum, says that the idea for a Fright at the Museum came from being able to have one event for the whole community to attend, no matter how old they are.  

She notes that although the weather this year was a little iffy that, "us as Manitobans are tough" and still showed up to support. 

"I'm really happy with the turnout from the community as well. The support we've gotten from local nonprofits and for-profit businesses. We've got food out this year, lots of different candy giveaways and activities and just an overall fun family event." 

Ens-MacIver notes that this event has been around for a number of years, and she has no intention of cancelling it any time soon. 

"I think by far it's the most well-attended event of the year, probably because it just has something for every age, especially kind of that teenage gap where we can have that haunted corn maze available." 

She goes on to say that although this is a popular event, sometimes the only deterrent is not having enough volunteers. Ens-MacIver encourages anyone who wants to get involved with any event that they put on to reach out.  

The director says that she has some pretty big plans for next year but refuses to open that vault quite yet.  

She mentions that this whole event would not be possible without all the help and support she got along the way.  

"I just want to say big thank you to my staff, the volunteers and all the community members that did come out to be here. I really appreciate the help. It's been awesome."


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