Yellowquill, Arthur Meighen, La Verendrye, North Memorial, Crescentview, and Oakville will now have to watch out for the Wolves. The addition of middle school grades at Fort la Reine School also brings in organized sports, and those sports teams need attire.

"We didn't have jerseys before this because we never had sports teams," says principal Matt Harkness. "We came up with our school mascot, as well as the colours and the logo."

Basketball jersey.Fort la Reine's basketball jerseys.

Harkness believes having extracurricular activities like sports is a great way to build relationships between staff and students.

"It gives our staff a lot more opportunity to get involved with students by coaching. I know I coached for a few years when I was teaching, and I always enjoyed it," Harkness continues. "We do have a lot of staff that are interested in taking up coaching roles and helping our students succeed."

He notes the Grade 7 students coming in this year are ready to get active as the school informed them of all the athletic opportunities at their middle school information night. 

Fort la Reine logo.Fort la Reine logo.

Harkness believes giving these kids an opportunity to play with a team of students they've grown up with is a lot less intimidating than signing up for athletics at a new school.

"The kids are very excited about the possibility of playing school sports as a Fort la Reine student and a Fort la Reine Wolf."

The first day of the new school year is September 7th.


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