The Manitoba Municipal Administrators Association (MMAA) held its 91st annual conference and, for their president, it acted as the final conference with her in the role.

Nettie Neudorf says she'll now be transitioning into the role of past president and is excited to see where the MMAA will go from here. She says they were glad to finally get back to meeting in person, despite some hiccups.

"Getting back together again was warmly felt by all and we felt that it was already seen as a success," explains Neudorf. "We had a few changes to the agenda due to the weather, but everyone's still excited about how it turned out."

She adds they had 80 graduates welcomed as Manitoba Municipal Administrators. She says she's very glad to have ended her time under the helm in such a positive way.

"My time as president of the association was a fantastic experience," notes Neudorf. "I was so pleased to give my final my swan song and reflect on my time."

The conference was held in Brandon from April 24th to the 27th.

She mentions she can't wait to see what the new director, Duane Nicol, can do going forward.