The U18 AAA female Central Plains Capitals are seeing one of their graduating players continue their journey on the ice. 

Kamryn Cloet is one of just four graduating players from the 2022-23 rendition of the team and has already committed to Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) for next season. The Caps' assistant captain outlines how this situation came about.

"I started emailing schools in my first year of U18 hockey, reaching out to coaches," Cloet explains. "Some get back to you, and some don't. So, this coach reached out back, and we started talking a little bit more. Things just went from there."

Cloet notes she didn't want to end her hockey career after a two-win season.

"I was very happy with it because I didn't get the best run this year. So, being able to play hockey next year was really helpful for me. To know that I have somewhere to go next year is great."

While the season may not have gone the way the Capitals wanted it to this year, they put forth a valiant effort in their first-round series. Cloet believes there was a lot to learn from the season she had with Central Plains. 

"Skill isn't everything," says Cloet. "Hard work can always beat talent, and outcomes are always changeable. It doesn't matter how skilled they are compared to us, we can still beat them with our hard work."

Her rookie season is still months away but Cloet already has a few goals set for season number one in Alberta.

"I just want to be the best player that I can. I want to work on things that I wouldn't have in my senior year," Cloet continues. "I'm going remember how things were when I was a rookie (at the U18 level), and I'm going to work extra hard to make that lineup."

Cloet adds this offseason she's going to be focusing on her shot accuracy from all angles of the ice. The SAIT Trojans went 4-16 this past season.