A man at Big Point Retreat brought his floating picnic table along with the hopes of enjoying a meal on the water, but unfortunate weather led to him not only missing out on that meal but also losing his table.

Kyle Armstrong says when the initial storm hit on July 30th, he anchored down his table and had his dinner indoors before calling it a night. When he woke up the next day, however, his table had disappeared.

"I had the people whose place I launched it in front of come down and tell me that my table was gone," explains Armstrong. "The rope broke, the anchor was still there but the table was gone."

He notes he started the search right away, looking around with binoculars and telescopes. With no luck and time running out for the long weekend, he had accepted that it was gone. In a final effort, he posted messages on Facebook asking people to keep an eye out. It was at that moment when something that he thought was impossible happened.

"My phone just blew up because someone had seen a post from Lynch's Point," notes Armstrong. "Michelle Espenell had seen somebody who's looking for a floating picnic table and it washed up on the shore at their place."

He then went to see if it was his floating picnic table, as opposed to someone else's floating picnic table, and surely enough, it was his. Armstrong notes he recruited some friends to help get his table back, as the distance between the two locations was roughly 16 miles.

He says he's grateful for the community's assistance as he thought his cry for help would've gone largely unnoticed.

"I couldn't believe the number of shares I got on Facebook," mentions Armstrong. "There were over 100 people sharing it and looking for it and people I didn't even know were helping out. It was just amazing how fast news got out."

The map showing where the boat was lost and found.