Fishing season opens up on May 14 in Manitoba, and Delta Beach residents are expecting a large inflow of fishermen.

Delta Beach resident Rick Henderson says they come by the droves to catch carp and freshwater drum.

"They'll be lined up here around the bridge and it'll be crazy for the first two days, anyway," says Henderson. "Well, last year even when COVID was on, they were lined up shoulder to shoulder here across the bridge. So, who knows this year but, mind you, the lake not being open yet, maybe that'll deter them. There is fish in here because I've seen otters swimming around here and they've been hauling them up onto the ice."

He notes nothing more than carp is currently present in the waters.

"I don't know what else would be in there because, it's like I said, the lake is still froze,"  continues Henderson. 

Tony Bryson owns a local store called The Pelican, and Henderson notes he's been waiting for the crowds to arrive. 

"He's had it open all winter," says Henderson. "He got a late start. He wanted to open last summer but he never got open till fall I think. He's waiting for May long weekend, but it's not looking that promising yet because that's only... what, three weeks away if that?"

Henderson has been working with several others on the new Delta Beach marina, and some signage is being prepared to ensure people stay away from certain spots while they're fishing.  

"We don't want them fishing in the Marina part like in the actual spots where the boats are going to be," adds Henderson. "There are still lots of places that way they can fish near the marina. It's just that a lot of people don't pull their lines out. People don't like getting caught in their props. They might leave a lot of fish line laying around, and that stuff. It's tough to clean up -- that, and just hooks and stuff like that."

He notes carp and freshwater drum are the usual fish people are looking for in Delta.

"Maybe they catch the odd pickerel in the springtime, but they like those drums," says Henderson. "I'm not a fan of them. I guess they smoke them or scale, or whatever they do with them, but they seem to like them."

Henderson adds he prefers to launch out into the lake to fish. 

"I know there will be lots of people in Portage and others make it from Winnipeg, and people come from all over," adds Henderson. "Now the restrictions are off everything, so they'll be here."