Portage la Prairie residents are bracing for their first taste of winter. 

Environment and Climate Change Canada, Warning Preparedness Meteorologist Natalie Hasell says they are tracking two weather systems that could bring snow to the area. She explains that the first system is already moving across the prairies, with snow expected around noon on Wednesday. At the same time, the second system could move in right behind it.

"We are forecasting amounts of two to four centimeters Wednesday, but it's going to be heavy, sloppy stuff. We do have snow continuing Wednesday evening and into maybe early Thursday morning," she continues. "Then we'll see that second system come through. Right now, it's a little unclear if we're going to get rain or snow. If we get snow, it could be another five or ten centimeters. Again, with these temperatures, it's going to be pretty heavy, sloppy stuff, so a little bit hard to measure."

snow warning areaPortage la Prairie is on the edge of the warning area where up to 20 centimeters of snow could fall.

Hasell notes that while some may not be happy with the snow in the forecast, this is actually late for our first snowfall. Usually, that takes place in September in Portage, not October.

"It is very reasonable to have snow at this time of year. I'm sure anyone who has been in southern Manitoba long enough can have tons of memories of little kids having to bundle up for Halloween. So, that could very likely be the case this year as well."

The Warning Preparedness Meteorologist notes that we may see some thaw and refreezing cycles over the next few days, which drivers should pay attention to.

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