The U18 AAA Female Capitals are gearing up for a new season, with a brand new face leading the charge.

Brendan Schaan is now the new head coach of the squad and says he can't wait to get the season going. After a few tryouts, Schaan talks about what the team is looking like.

"The team this year is going to be young. We just started the tryout process, so we had 35 girls at camp, and we haven't made any cuts yet. But if I'm going to describe the team, it'd be young, fast, and there's definitely some talent on the ice. So, we're excited to dwindle it down a little bit and get things rock and rolling."

Prior to this opportunity, Schaan says the highest level he coached at was about six years ago when he was the head coach of the Portage Collegiate Trojans.

"I took a step back from the head coaching job to really work on my craft, work on my practice plan, and work on my development," Schaan continues. "I've got the privilege to work with some pretty impressive coaches, both here in Central Plains and also in Brandon for a couple of years. They really helped me grow and prepare for the eventual day, where I did go back to the helm."

After spending time honing his craft, Schaan is quite confident in his game plan, however, he says he is definitely ready to make adjustments if necessary.

"There's going to be a learning curve for myself. My experience is all pretty specifically on the male side. So, this is my first real moment to check out the girls' side and see if my systems, and the style I want to play, holds some weight here. With that, I'll be constantly evaluating how my systems and style work. If they aren't working, we'll switch it quickly but I feel like I've never been more prepared for a step like this."

The new head coach notes they are already hitting the road for their first exhibition game in Brandon today against the Westman Wildcats. The Capitals will be in action at Stride Place next weekend for the annual Preseason Showcase Tournament, which kicks off Friday, September 16.