In honour of Earth Day, Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food, Marie-Claude Bibeau announced an investment of over $6.4 million for six projects, under the AgriScience Program, to help tackle climate change and create sustainability in Canada’s agriculture sector.

“This Earth Day, I would like to thank agri-food producers and processors for their commitment to protecting the environment. They are preserving their land for future generations. Our Government continues to support their initiatives and is helping them go even further by supporting the research and development of innovative solutions. Our investments in AgriScience will ensure that Canada remains a world leader in sustainable agriculture,” said Bibeau.

Funding for six recipient organizations will support pre-commercial science activities and cutting-edge research to help producers accelerate the pace of innovation to protect the environment without compromising production. The recipient organizations include AFA Systems Inc., Cascadia Seaweed Corporation, Enns Brothers Ltd., McCain Foods Limited, Naut’sa Mawt Tribal Council, and Nexus Robotics, Inc.

The projects being led by these organizations exemplify the innovation and expertise needed to ensure the sector is ready to meet the challenges presented by climate change. The advancements they make will benefit the sector as a whole and lead to the adoption of sustainable, effective practices that promote soil health, biodiversity, and increased crop yields, while also ensuring farm revenue.