Now that events can be held again, families are eager to get their children out and attend things that were simply impossible to do a year ago.

Manager of Gallery Operations at Prairie Fusion Arts & Entertainment Lee Beaton says they're excited to bring back their summer series of painting/craft activities including their most recent, where they made fairy doors. She explains that, while the fairy doors take time to fully set, the people making them will be glad that they waited it out.

"It takes some time to put the underglaze on, you have to put three coats on and let it dry in between," explains Beaton. "They're going to be surprised when they get theirs and I think it will be well worth the wait."

She adds this is the second of three activities that they'll be running, with the first being paint pouring and their upcoming third based around making cocktails. While that last one is angled a little bit more toward adults, they'll make mocktails for anyone under the legal age who wants to participate.

"It's more about coming out and having fun," notes Beaton. "It's about trying something different, exploring your creativity, and just playing around with it."

The next event in their summer series will take place on August 17th.