Book it over to the Portage la Prairie Regional Library; it's Library card sign-up month! 

Patrons, both old and new, have the opportunity to sign up for a library card and get put into a draw. Alissa Cannon, the program director, notes that getting a library card is free if you live within the RM or are a student attending school in the Portage Division and why some people may not realize it. 

"I don't think people see the library for all the resources it has. Honestly, I never came here as a child and missed out on a lot. I go back and see all the ACT programs and activities the library holds, and there's just so much for families to do here, and I don't think people know that." 

She notes that the sign-ups have skyrocketed since they got a new director and the draws they have every Friday. Cannon takes the time to explain how these weekly draws work. 

"Every Friday, everyone who has signed up that week or renewed their membership gets put into a draw for a $25 visa gift card. On top of that, to celebrate our consistent and older patrons, we are doing a draw that every 20 materials that you sign out, you're automatically put into a draw. For November, there will be three draws, one for $100, one for $50.00, and one for $25." 

Just within one week, the library received 37 new patrons. 

The program director wants the city and RM of Portage la Prairie to know that they are always finding new ways to revamp the library by bringing in new resources. She says they now have a technology library to cater to the younger audience. 

Although you can sign up for a library card all year round, you must sign up this month to get your name in the draw. You can sign up to get a card by going to the library.