A large group of École Crescentview School students took a trip to Delta Beach this week to engage in some clean-up along the shoreline.

Reading recovery teacher and literacy curriculum support for École Crescentview School Jodi Harder-Boyle was with the students.

"We had done a schoolwide writing project on water in March and April," says Harder-Boyle. "We decided we wanted to add a community service piece. And so we thought, to help protect water, we'd go up and clean up the beach at Delta."

She says about 150 students were involved with several staff members.

"We took equipment out there and cleaned up the beach, the campground, and the playground area," adds Harder-Boyle. "It was a great experience for the kids. There were many kids, actually, who had never been to Delta Beach. So, they got to experience that. They got to see the effects of people leaving their garbage on the beach. I think it was a great learning experience. And then they had some fun doing some nature art on the beach and building sandcastles, and it was just a really good day for them."

Harder-Boyle adds many of the students commented on the different things that were left on the beach and couldn't believe that people would leave things in the water. 

"They were focusing on how to protect water for future generations," notes Harder-Boyle. "So, I think the kids really realize how important that is to put away trash and not litter as well."

Quincy was a student who was on the field trip and notes he learned how dirty the beaches can be. He explains why it's important to clean up the beach.

"So, that people can have more fun without getting diseases and sick," notes Quincy.

Cindy Anne adds beaches should be clean so people can have fun.

(L-R) Quincy, Jodi Harder-Boyle and Cindy Ann(L-R) Quincy, Jodi Harder-Boyle and Cindy Anne

"Litter will stop the fun for the animals," notes Cindy Anne. "Garbage can go on the water, and animals will eat them. Garbage pollutes the water."

Principal Tracy Vanstone shares her appreciation for Harder-Boyle who put together a grant application. 

"I encouraged her to look at the amount of a teacher, society, community service grant, and it's really important to us to teach our kids to give back to the community," explains Vanstone. "This was part of the endeavour and it matched perfectly to our writing project and sustainability practices. We did a project around water stewardship and protecting our water, and so it was just a perfect fit to go out to Delta Beach where many of our students have never been, and to teach them where it is and how beautiful it is."

Tracy VanstoneTracy Vanstone

She says students learned that if they maintain the waterway by keeping it clean and our beach protected, we can all be there for life-long memories and life-long time together.