Like many other crops this year, there's optimism surrounding Manitoba's hemp crop.

Clarence Shwaluk is the Director of Farm Operations for Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods.

"Despite the variable weather that we had earlier in the springtime, crops are actually looking quite good. There's some plots that we manage on our pedigreed side that are looking awesome. There is some variability. Early in the spring we did see some challenges in getting the crop in the ground."

He says fortunately hemp is one of those crops that can be planted later, so it's not constrained by the early season moisture that we had.

"For the most part, we got the crop in the ground. It's coming up okay. Some variability because of weather, but otherwise it's looking pretty good."

Shwaluk says some of the crop has reached knee-high or even taller, which is about normal for this time of year.

He notes nationally, hemp acres are projected at around 74,000 planted, which is up from the lower 60,000's last year.

Shwaluk notes demand for hemp remains strong.