Manitoba's dry bean harvest is about 50 per cent complete.

That from provincial Pulse Specialist Dennis Lange, who says the quality of this year's crop has been pretty good, with not a lot of disease issues. He notes the biggest challenge has been the dry seed, with moisture sitting around 10 per cent on some samples. However, growers have done a good job of keeping cracks and splits low.

Lange said yield numbers have been positive.

"With dry beans being a little bit earlier than what soybeans are, the yields that I've been hearing from most growers have been anywhere from average to slightly above average this year. It seems that with edible beans, they seem to take advantage of all that excess moisture we had last year and make good use of the moisture this year."

He notes some rain over the next few days wouldn't be a bad thing, as it would rehydrate the seed and help make harvest a little bit easier.