While inflation has been pushing Oakville away from its new community club project, local businesses have been helping to fill the gaps.

The Oakville Community Club has received a $20,000 donation from Armwood Windows and Doors. Eric De Long, president of the club, says they were announcing that they had reached their funding goal just one year ago. Now, they've got quite a mountain to climb.

"We're about $1 million short right now," explains De Long. "There's been a lot of inflation. We're importing a lot of materials from the States, and the depreciation of the loonie to the US dollar hurt us. When we went out to tender, the lowest bid was substantially higher than what we expected."

He adds that the new Oakville Community Club will act as a hub for the community to gather and a daycare. De Long notes the daycare will have 40 spaces, noting that most, if not all of the spots, have been spoken for.

"We have a hall in the town right now, but it's on its last legs," says De Long. "We're looking for a little bit more of a modern facility to host all of the events that the community likes to have. It's been a long time coming."

Keep up with the Oakville Community Club's progress by checking out their Facebook page.

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