The Portage Family Abuse Prevention Centre's boardroom has some new components.

This morning saw JS Furniture donate a 19 inch flat-screen TV and a DVD player.

Centre Board Chair Elizabeth Parks was told about the donation a couple of weeks ago, and describes it as awesome. She says the Centre has gone through a lot in the last while, and it's fantastic to know people are thinking about them.

Parks describes the donation as a blessing because they now have a system to use for instructional workshops.

The Centre's executive director Joyce Schroeder is grateful as well, adding they've connected with someone who cares about what they do. She says it's come at a very good time.

JS Furniture manager Gord Utz points out the donation came through a contest to guess the store's new location. When no one did, it was decided to donate the TV and DVD to a worthy organization.

An image of the donation is below.