At the Portage la Prairie City Council meeting on April 27th, the director of public safety was thanked for his service, as it was the last meeting he'd attend in the role.

Phil Carpenter, who's retiring as Portage la Prairie's fire chief as well, says it's been a long 44 years, but he feels like it's time to step back and let someone new take over. He speaks about some of his favourite parts of working in the position.

"Just working with everyone as a big team," notes Carpenter. "From City Council to administration to management and  the fire department all working hand in hand."

Carpenter adds he really enjoyed his work with both the council and fire department, even if COVID put a strain on his last few years of work. He mentions that he never knew what kind of situation he'd be dealing with next.

"I've seen a lot of different calls and been involved with a lot of different incidents," says Carpenter. "It's very rewarding to help people and I've enjoyed it very much."

Portage Online will be contacting the new director of public safety in the near future.