Portage la Prairie is welcoming a new deputy fire chief to their ranks.

Norm Vuignier says he's been with the fire department since 2005, graduating from being a part-time member to full-time in 2008, before becoming a senior firefighter and now, deputy fire chief. He notes it was the right time in his career to move up and make a change.

"I'm excited about the new challenges," explains Vuignier. "Building relations with the guys on the floor, building relations with the members of the Community, I think there's going to be a lot of good things happening in Portage."

He adds, that as someone who's been a firefighter since he left high school, he feels ready to take on the position. He says currently, the plan isn't to have too much change right off the bat.

"The short-term plan is just to get settled in the position," notes Vuignier. "It's going to be a big learning curve, but very confident that with the help of with Chief Brad Bailey's help we will, we will overcome these and we're just going one step at a time."

He mentions, in closing, that he's grateful that the city's allowed him to work with Portage as its deputy fire chief.