While some campgrounds are reportedly cancelling some bookings due to the wetness of the ground, Delta Beach Campground says they are ready to go and are looking forward to opening on May long. 

"We're happy to announce that we will be opening May long weekend as we normally have in the past," says Angie Shindle, General Manager of the Portage Regional Recreation Authority. "Everything there (the Delta Campground) is looking great. The only stipulation depends on if the water and sewer will be turned on. But as of right now, everything is looking like it will be turning on Tuesday, and then we'll be opening on Friday."

She adds that while she is confident that the water and sewer system will be ready, the official word won't come on that matter until Tuesday.

Shindle talks about the condition of Delta heading into their opening weekend.

"It's weathered very well. There's still a little bit of snow in the back brushes, but the campground itself is dry. It's cleaned up quite nice, and the water has cleaned up around there, no problem." 

She says that they are hopeful that this camping season will be a great one.

"We've been very busy. Our campground reservations were off the hook. So, we're excited to welcome everybody back, and that right now, there are no restrictions or anything, and we hope to have a great summer."

Shindle notes that spots are still available throughout the summer for those looking to camp. More information about camping at Delta this summer can be found here.