Producers from all over continue to head to the Wheat City as Manitoba Ag Days continues in Brandon at the Keystone Centre.

The Manitoba Beef Producers is just one of many groups taking in the 3-day event and Research and Extension Specialist Melissa Atchison hopes producers will check out their booth.

"Come see what your association is doing for you. We run on your checkoff dollars," says Atchison. "Lobbying, advocacy, outreach, education and research. Come see what we do for you. We have some good pamphlets here for calving season as well as our AGM coming up."

MBP will be holding their AGM on February 2nd and 3rd in Winnipeg. Atchison says Ag Days has allowed them to talk to local producers to find out how the season was, noting engagement has been high. Looking to 2023, they are optimistic for the overall season.

"We've had a few years of terrible weather, so I'm hoping for an uneventful weather season as far as moisture, rain, blizzards and whatnot," says Atchison. "So, getting calving off to a good start and seeding, and hopefully, the hay crops and the silage crops are bountiful, and our producers have a good year with cattle pricing, as well."

Atchison says if the 'old wive's tale' of the hoarfrost proves true, we should have a pretty moist spring and summer. 

You can see more on what the Manitoba Beef Producers and their AGM here.

CORRECTION: The 44th Annual General Meeting is set for February 2-3, 2023 at the Victoria Inn Hotel & Convention Centre at 1808 Wellington Avenue in Winnipeg.