It's snakes in a school today (October 2), as Crescentview School unveils its new team moniker, the Cobras, and the new line of jerseys.

Crescentview School principal Doyle Moar says it's an exciting time for everyone as they are bringing back middle year sports. 

"This hasn't happened in about 18 years," explains Moar. "We've worked with a lot of different people over the past month to kind of look at revamping our logo and looking at what we're going to call ourselves again, because we did have some options with that. Years and years ago, Crescentview was the Bruins, and then for a time period when they were K to four, I believe, they used the Lakers."

He notes although they were called the Lakers, they really didn't have any middle year sports. Upon planning to bring sports back in this manner, they remembered the name Cobras. That name was in place before the restructuring in 2006.

"There still is a big cobra up in our gym and our gym colours are red," continues Moar. "So, we decided as a group, as a staff, as a student body, that we're going to bring the colours back. We got a brand-new logo, and modernized new colours still sticking with that gray, black, white, and red theme. It's going to look really nice, we've really liked how it's turned out, and we're going to put some social media stuff up to just kind of unveil it in that way."

Moar and crestPrincipal Doyle Moar with jersy beside new school logo

Moar says the replacement of signage will then commence, including logos and other changes to indicate the K to 8 classes that are in operation from now on.

Grade 8 student Camryn Lavallee really likes the new jerseys, especially the red and black versions. 

"It says CVS on the front, and it has a design at the bottom. And then on the back, it says Crescentview and whatever number you are."

Lavallee adds the jerseys they had in her previous years at École Arthur Meighen School were older and more like a shirt. The new jerseys are easier to move in.

Students(L-R) Gage  Brennan, Camryn Lavallee, Rowan Mulvey, and Corwin Wallace

Gage Brennan thinks they're really nice and likes how they feel.

"I like the black and the gray ones. I'd rather have the new jerseys than the ones that scratch your skin," adds Brennan.

Moar says the choice for the Cobra seemed like a natural thing for them, seeing as they wanted to honour some of the history of Crescentview School prior to the 2006 restructuring.

"They were called the Cobras for a time being here, and we want to honour that history, as well as think about the time when when it was a K to 4 school," continues Moar. "We're excited about our team name. We're excited about our new jerseys, and we're excited to kind of showcase them. I know there are going to be some updates to our gym, as well."

He adds he's not sure of the dates when the gymnasium updates take place at this point.


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