Whether it's in city hall or out in the community, there isn't a thing Faron Nicholls hasn't enjoyed about his first year as a councillor.

Nicholls says there were many positives to look at after a busy first year, where he acted as Chair of the Waterworks Committee but also spent time helping the Portage Regional Recreation Authority, Fort la Reine Museum, Portage Regional Economic Development, and more. He also has fond memories of the Centennial Cup this past May.

"I can't say enough about the volunteer groups," explains Nicholls. "Seeing the strides they're making around Portage and the neighbouring folk. The synergies and the collaboration have just been over the top."

The project that Nicholls is most proud of is the Saskatchewan Avenue Rejuvenation project. He adds that we're finally starting to see some real evidence of what the newly enhanced avenue will look like as the project unfolds.

"(Portagers have been) very supportive of me, it's a hat that I enjoy putting on every morning," says Nicholls. "They've been very, very cooperative and very, very supportive. I'm still very humbled every day when I get up."

Nicholls is grateful that his first term on council is with Mayor Sharilyn Knox and city manager Nathan Peto, who always check in regarding projects that each councillor is working on.

Looking ahead, Nicholls hopes to continue working on Indigenous reconciliation efforts.