Janice Hyde was elected as the new President of the Conservative Portage PC Association's AGM. It took place on July 23rd. Although she wasn't involved in the association last year, she notes having the members' confidence is a good feeling.

She says they discussed the financial picture presented at the provincial AGM, and are preparing for more involvement with the upcoming, including the search for more volunteers and creating efforts to fundraise.

"We want to hit the ground running and we do have a lot of good experience on the team," notes Hyde. "I think, more importantly, that we have a fantastic candidate that we think would be just a great person to represent Portage in the legislature. Many people know Jeff Bereza in Portage, and with the different things that he's been involved in, he's a great community person. I just love his passion and enthusiasm for Portage la Prairie."

Hyde explains she feels that his passion shows in everything he does, which gets people excited about stepping up, helping out, just wanting him to win, and be Portage's MLA. 

"I think Jeff is the person that has had vision and his enthusiasm is just contagious. He's a smart guy and he's got a lot of really good experience," says Hyde. "I think he's an ideal candidate and certainly Portage would be represented very well by him."

She adds she's been involved in the PC Association before but not in Portage.

"When I first got involved, it was back in 2016, and I just moved back to Portage in September of last year. But prior to that, I volunteered for Myrna Driedger who is the MLA for Charleswood where I lived. Then she became the speaker at the Leg. That's really where I started to get involved and just really liked it."

conservPictured, L to R: Bill Knott, Tom Hyde, Percy Phillips, Shauna-Lei Leslie, Dan Bolton, Paulette Connery, Ian Wishart, Leslie Wishart, Jamie Bernard, Jeff Bereza, Warren Neufeld, Jody Fletcher, Darryl Tully, Suzanne Donley, Andrew Stasiuk, and Janice Hyde. Missing: Jerry Lupkowski and Allan Dell. (Terrie Porter not present)

Hyde says it's great to return to Portage, seeing as she gets to meet and know more people through her volunteer efforts. 

She took the presidency from interim President Bill Knott.

The Executive consists of fellow board first-timers Jamie Bernard as Vice-President and Andrew Stasiuk as Youth Member, and returning members Shauna-Lei Leslie, Secretary and Leslie Wishart, Treasurer.

Rounding out the board for 2023-24 are the following members: Dan Bolton, Paulette Connery, Allan Dell, Suzanne Donley, Jody Fletcher, Tom Hyde, Jerry Lupkowski, Warren Neufeld, William Pallister, Percy Phillips, and Darryl Tully.

Bereza welcomed both new and returning members to the board noting they represent a cross-section of Portagers of all ages and abilities. “Portage la Prairie will be well-served by this group,” he notes. “Each individual has a strong commitment to our constituents and wants only to see our city, rural municipality and province thrive. Together, we can do great things to move Portage forward.”